How to create the ultimate tablecloth for your next party!

Create this awesome tablecloth for your next party! from

My son’s birthday is in the middle of winter. While I absolutely love living here 9 months out of the year, in the middle of winter it can be rather drab. The world around us is alternating shades of white and brown, and if you haven’t figured this out yet, I am a big fan of color. So while my reasoning for mentioning this is partly to distract from the fact that it took me more than 4 months to get around to posting about his Lego birthday party, it is also an explanation of my frame of mind when I came up with this awesome party table cloth. Color, color, color… yes please!

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The Easiest Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

The absolute easiest way to hang a gallery wall. No tape measure, no level, just simple. From




The term “gallery wall” has been used so much it is starting to sound cliché. Some people are starting to say that gallery walls are over done, but does that even make sense? A gallery wall is nothing more than a collection of stuff you want to hang together, so if that idea is done too much, what are we supposed to hang on our walls?? Sometimes I really don’t understand the ideas of so-called designers. Anyhow, the concept of a gallery wall is still alive and thriving and honestly, it probably always will be. So if you want to hang a group of anything on your wall, I have the easiest shortcut for you. No measuring, no leveling, just simple.

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Everlasting Balloon Bouquet- Your new favorite party decorating trick!

Make those party balloons last as long as you want this super simple secret from




I am about to share a life-changing secret with you. Okay, maybe not life changing, but it will certainly change the way you decorate for parties. I have been doing this for years and no one has ever been able to figure it out.

















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Why I do laundry everyday... and why you'll want to as well!

Save yourself time and frustration with this great laundry tip from







I hate doing laundry. Seriously, I would clean the toilet everyday if it meant I didn’t have to do laundry. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, I mean I have a 6-year-old boy so obviously scrubbing the toilet (and the neighboring area) is no cup of tea, but I think you get my point. 













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