All Natural Air Freshener

All Natural Air Freshener




I have to admit, I really haven't embraced the essential oil craze. If I am being completely honest I haven't truly embraced the natural anything craze. I know I should. I really do, but I am too cheap and too set in my ways, so I always take too long to come around. I remember spending years saying "I just don't understand 3/4 length sleeves", or "seriously, why do people want their pants so tight all the way down". I am making myself sound like some old lady right now, but you can see that I am clearly a little slow on the uptake sometimes. 





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Anyhow, there is one area of life where I have embraced all natural, and that is scents. My entire life I could walk into a Yankee Candle store and be instantly overcome by sneezing fits and a massive headache. I have never done well with artificial scents, and ironically Patrick is the same way. On the flip side, I love the smell of a gentle and pleasant air freshener or candle. Years ago I discovered an incredible line of candles called Paddywax. They are scented with all natural oils. I tried one on a whim and was ecstatic to discover that I had no problems with them! (This is not a sponsored post, I seriously just love these candles.)

Air freshener1




Recently it dawned on me that I could use the same concept as a constant air freshener as well.

Here's what you will need:

* Essential Oil of your choice. - I tend to change mine seasonally. I think I will be rocking Lemon this summer.

* A few cotton balls

* A very small bowl







Air freshener2




This couldn't be more simple. Just add the cotton balls to the bowl and apply a few drops of essential oil. Start small, with just a couple of drops, then wait to see if you want the scent to be stronger. If you end up with too strong a smell, just toss those cotton balls into the garbage and start over.










Air freshener3




When you are ready, stash the bowl behind something like a picture frame. No on will be able to see it, but everyone will be able to enjoy the beautiful fresh scent without irritation or headache.

What scent will you choose?









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