Homemade Sanitizing Wipes

Homemade Sanitizing or Disinfecting Wipes! from TheRefurbishedHome




 I spent years with a firm grasp on the title of "World's Biggest Fan of Clorox Wipes". Then a few years ago I stumbled across a post on One Good Thing by Jillee, and I haven't looked back since.

Not even when there is a great sale...

Not even when we recently joined CostCo...

I will NEVER again buy disinfecting wipes.












Over the years I have occasionally strayed to various other homemade disinfecting or sanitizing wipes recipes, but I have always come back to this original recipe from Jillee. I find that it is the easiest and cleans the best. There are only two ingredients. (oh wait, the recipe also calls for water) 











I have however, done some tweaking over the years. 

1. I no longer mix it one batch at a time. I sat down one day and did the math to keep the proportions, but mix it into a larger container. I wrote the instructions right on the container. Now I only have to make more a couple of times a year. Big time saver! 









2. I was having a lot of trouble with the t-shirt pieces rolling up under my hand, so I switched to using baby washcloths because they are a bit more substantial while not being too bulky.  I waited until I found great prices at TJMaxx, and then I bought a bunch. I have been so pleased with the switch because they also offer a lot more scrubbing ability.

3. I also had trouble with the pieces getting caught under the agitator in my washing machine so now I use a mesh lingerie bag to wash them.









4. While the baby wipes container that she recommended worked fine, it was definitely not something you wanted to leave out on your kitchen counter. So I switched to a more attractive looking canister. 












Now it lives on the counter right next to my absurd amount of hot cocoa, which incidentally is also thanks to Jillee :-) 







*Please refer to Jillee's post for the actual recipe, but for the sake of reference, my container holds 34oz.  I use 3/4C rubbing alcohol & 1/3C + 1Tbsp of Dawn, then fill to 34 oz with water. 

*For best mixing, add alcohol, then Dawn, then water.

*The amount of liquid needed will vary drastically from one canister to the next.  It will also be affected by how tightly you stuff rags in.  My container holds roughly 20 rags and I use approximately 4-5oz of cleaning solution.

*You don't want to fill it immediately before use because it will take time for the liquid to evenly distribute.

*If you find that your rags are sudsing while you clean, that means that your rags are too wet.  You will need to keep the lid off and allow some evaporation to occur or add some dry rags to the container and they will wick some of the moisture out of the others. Just remember to add less of the cleaning liquid in the next round.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


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