How to Clean a Ceiling Fan- Without Making a Bigger Mess- Part 4 of The Spring Cleaning Series

The Easiest Way to Clean a Dirty Ceiling Fan



How to Clean a Ceiling Fan- Part 4 of Our Spring Cleaning Series










This isn't a brand new idea. While I haven't been able to figure out where the idea originated, it took over Pinterest a few years ago. I am sharing it now because it is brilliant and if you happened to miss it the first time around, you are really missing out.

dirty fan1Cleaning a ceiling fan can be such a pain. The built up dust just falls to whatever is sitting below it, a bed, a couch, the floor. In the end you basically have to clean the same mess over and over again. I have tried a few different ideas to remedy this, but everything I tried was always so difficult and time consuming. This is neither. I cleaned this fan from disgusting to spotless in 2 minutes.

You will need:

* A Dirty Fan

* An Old Pillowcase

* Pledge (optional)

* Dust Rag (optional)


dirty fan2




Basically what you are going to do is use the pillowcase to catch the dust you remove from the fan blades. Keeping it all contained means only cleaning the mess once. So drape the pillowcase over a fan blade.








dirty fan3




Then use your hand and the inside of the pillowcase to wipe away the excess dust while the remainder of the pillowcase catches it.









dirty fan4





All the dust remains in the pillowcase instead of falling.









dirty fan5




This will do a really good job of getting the dust cleaned up but to thoroughly dust the fan, follow up with pledge and a dust rag.









dirty fan6




Like I said, it only took me two minutes to turn a gross fan into a spotless one.


Just in time to open the windows and get some fresh air flowing in this house!






ceiling fan p

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