How to REALLY get rid of Hard Water Stains in the Toilet

How to Truly Get Rid of Disgusting Hard Water Stains in your Toilet 



 Part 6 of the Spring Cleaning Series:

Bear with me for a moment here as we head into awkward territory. I want to show you guys an AMAZINGLY effective way to remove hard water buildup inside your toilet bowl, but that means showing pictures of my toilet. I am hoping that by now we know one another well enough that you will understand the scientific purposes and not judge me for posting pictures of the potty all over the World Wide Web... or for the fact that I just said "potty". :-)






removing hard water stains toilet2

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As I have mentioned previously, we have well water. While it is truly some of the cleanest, freshest, tastiest water on the planet, it is wreaking all sorts of havoc on all of our plumbing. Last week I tested out the claim that soaking things in vinegar could remove that buildup. But shy of filling my entire toilet bowl with gallons of vinegar, I wasn't sure how to tackle this nastiness.








removing hard water stains toilet3




Now here's the thing, you have to understand that I took this picture after thoroughly cleaning the toilet. Despite the way it looks, it is truly and completely clean. I had spent the last 3 weeks trying pretty much everything I could think of to scrub away this hard water buildup, when suddenly I decided to try something totally out of the box.









removing hard water stains toilet1




Pumice Stone ! Now for those of you who do not know what this is, pumice is a type of volcanic rock that is hard, but not too hard. It is an abrasive material that is used to more or less sand off your dead skin. Usually on feet etc. You can find them in the same section as nail polish and nail files. 










removing hard water stains toilet4




The pumice stone will work best if you let it get wet for a moment first. So just go ahead and set it down in the water. You don't want it to genuinely soak for a long time or anything, just let it get wet.

(Do you like my ridiculous pink gloves??)











removing hard water stains toilet5




Then start scrubbing. I am not going to lie to you, this is not super easy. You still have to literally scrub every area that has buildup.












removing hard water stains toilet6




As you scrub you will start to notice dirt like deposits. This is caused by the pumice grinding away. Like I said, it is hard, but not too hard, so it won't scratch you porcelain toilet.












removing hard water stains toilet7




Eventually you will end up with a truly spotless toilet. I think it took me about 10 minutes start to finish. Not the easiest cleaning hack ever, but certainly an effective method for a nearly impossible job. I hope now you can forgive me for the awkward subject, and I promise never to post pictures of the inside of my toilet again...

I think... :-)









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