How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

Removing Nail Polish from Carpet- 4 Methods Tested



A few days ago I was visiting with a friend and happened to notice a pretty pink spot on her carpet. She explained that one of her beautiful daughters had recently spilled a bottle of nail polish and she had not been able to get the stain out.











nail polish on carpet1




I took this as a personal challenge and got to work.













nail polish on carpet8




I did some research online and and found the 4 most highly recommended cleaning agents were nail polish remover, hairspray, shaving cream, and windex, so I gathered up some supplies and set out to get rid of that pink spot.











nail polish on carpet2




For each option, the instructions were the same. Soak the spot thoroughly, wait 5-10 minutes,













nail polish on carpet3




then blot with a rag.













nail polish on carpet4




I tried the windex first, for no particular reason. I was genuinely surprised to see the pink transferring to my rag which obviously meant that the stain was lifting. (I felt like the Dad in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who swore that windex could fix anything. )












nail polish on carpet5




I continued blotting at the stain for a few minutes before deciding to try one of the other cleaners. So I moved on to the shaving cream, and nothing came out. Then I tried the nail polish remover, and it made a very slight difference, so I moved on to the hairspray, which also made only a very slight difference.









nail polish on carpet6




So I went back to the windex, and just kept on blotting.














nail polish on carpet7




By far the most effective method was the windex. I am not saying this is some miracle that will immediately remove your nail polish stain, but I am saying that with a little patience and determination it is physically possible to get nail polish out of your carpet. 










Some important things you need to know before trying this:

* As with all carpet cleaning techniques be sure to test a small hidden area of the carpet to make sure that this won't bleed color or damage your carpet in any way.

* Use white rags so that you do not transfer color from your rag to your carpet.

* Dab the stain, do not rub it. 

* When you are done use a wet rag to more or less rinse the windex out of your carpet. The carpet may dry a bit crunchy, if it does, use a wet rag to rinse it again, as many times as needed.

For more cleaning tips and tricks:





































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