Run out of Jet Dry?

Run-out-of Jet-Dry

I swear LG and Jet Dry were in cahoots when my dishwasher was made.  I know dishwashers these days often come with a built in spot for rinse agent, but actually using it is supposed to be optional.  My dishwasher literally won't run the drying cycle if the rinse agent compartment is empty.  I am not a fan of spotty dishes, but I am REALLY not of fan of hand drying everything.



white vinegar


Jet dry also seemed to be one of those things that I always forgot at the store, so I was always out of it.  Thus began my quest to find a way to trick the dishwasher into thinking the rinse agent was present so that it would at least run the drying cycle :-) Lucky for me my first experiment turned out better than I could have ever hoped for.


I haven't bought Jet Dry, or any other rinse agent, for over a year now!


Just use vinegar the same way you would have used Jet Dry and you will end up with the same sparkly glasses for a fraction of the price!


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