The Secret to a Clean Microwave- Part 2 of The Spring Cleaning Series

how to clean your microwave


The Secret to Cleaning A Microwave

Part Two of our Spring Cleaning Series.

When we remodeled our kitchen we never got around to running power to the intended location for the microwave. Instead, it is sitting on top of our refrigerator. Just low enough that I can reach to put food in, and just high enough that I put off cleaning it far longer than is acceptable.

Since it has officially hit the point where I can no longer deny the intensity of the filth, it seemed like a good idea to share my secret to easily clean your microwave.

clean your microwave




Seriously, sharing this picture of my disgusting microwave is embarrassing enough, but once you see how easy this is, it will seem even worse.








clean your microwave2



You will need:

*Lemon juice (either style will work, but not the artificial kind)


*Microwave-safe bowl

*Hot pad


*Gross microwave



clean your microwave3


Mix about ¼ C lemon juice and about ¾ C water into the bowl.

Microwave the mixture for 5 minutes. I actually remove the plate and spinning wheel and run them through the dishwasher, I just didn’t think about it until after I took this picture, and then I forgot to take another.

When the timer goes off you can allow it the sit for about 1 minute but no longer or the steam will start to dissipate.






clean your microwave4




Use a hot pad to remove the bowl, it will be VERY HOT!









clean your microwave5


Then wipe the surface with the sponge. The grease that has been cooked on, will now literally wipe right off.

If some of the grease seems to be really stubborn, you can allow the mixture and bowl to cool and then repeat the process. My horrible microwave required two rounds of steaming, but despite how horribly cooked on that grease was, I still didn’t have to scrub at all.






clean your microwave6




See, super easy right? Just don’t judge me by the condition of my microwave. I promise to do better! 

Good Luck with your Spring Cleaning.









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