The Secret to Cleaning Microfiber

How to clean Microfiber


Spring is coming! Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, 45 degree day and I could finally feel that spring truly is on it's way. Spring brings to mind so many wonderful things; beautiful flowers, flip flops, the sun on my face... but it also reminds us that it is time for some serious spring cleaning.

Today I am starting a series that will help you make the most of your spring cleaning efforts so be sure to check back often for more great cleaning tips!







How to clean a microfiber couch

One of the reasons we were originally drawn to our couch was the advertising claim that it is easy to clean. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how important it would prove to be, as it seems that microfiber shows EVERYTHING! Thankfully, they weren't lying and it really is pretty easy to clean, if you know the secret.

dirty microfiber




I am going to embarrass myself for your benefit now, and show all of you my gross couch.

Here you can see that my son has dribbled who knows what. Even the slightest bit of moisture leaves a ring when it dries.










dirty microfiber2




And here you can see a clear line of grime.  Below the line is where the cushion ordinarily sits. I have removed the cushions for cleaning so now you can see how clearly disgusting it can get from casual wear and tear.











dirty microfiber3




And this one takes the cake because here you can see the horrifying amount of greasy buildup that occurs from resting your hand on the arm of the couch. 












dirty microfiber4




Have no fear! There is a solution

You will need:

*A spray bottle

*Rubbing alcohol (in the spray bottle)

*A CLEAN sponge, or 2 or 3, in either white or a color that matches your couch.

*A CLEAN white scrub brush






dirty microfiber5




Begin by removing all the cushions. Our cushion covers can all be thrown in the laundry so that's what I did, but if you can't just use the following instructions for your cushions as well.

Working in sections, spray a dirty area with the rubbing alcohol.










dirty microfiber6




You want it to be thoroughly wet but not soaking wet.













dirty microfiber7




Then use your sponge to scrub away the dirt and grime.













dirty microfiber8




When your sponge gets really dirty switch to a new one. Do not rinse it and use it again. Remember when I showed you the ring left behind by my son's drink. Moisture leaves marks on microfiber, but the rubbing alcohol evaporates more quickly and therefore does not leave a mark. That is what makes this process work, so you can't use water or it won't work.









dirty microfiber9




Once you have scrubbed the whole thing, allow it to dry. You may need to repeat the process in some areas and that is fine but once it is completely clean, let it dry thoroughly.

When it dries it will have a slightly crunchy feel to it.  You have basically matted down the fibers and they need to be fluffed back up now.









dirty microfiber10




So use your dry scrub brush to do that.

I found it was easiest to be thorough by working in circles.












dirty microfiber11




When the entire surface is de-crunchified (it's a word, I promise)













dirty microfiber12




Use your brush to make nice smooth lines and even the pattern of the fibers back out.













dirty microfiber13





Our couch is far older than I really want to admit here, but look at how well it cleans up!












dirty microfiber14




It has it's faults but I still love our couch and I swear I have never found one more comfortable, so thank goodness I can keep it clean!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 








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