How to Make Your Headband Stay Put

Make those pesky headbands stop sliding off your head! From





I love wearing headbands, but I (like so many others) have a terrible time getting them to actually stay where I want them. They are constantly slipping off the back of my head. Finally, I decided to do something about it and get them to actually stay put!






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How to Hide your Tech

How to hide your not-so-decorative items. Whether it's your Blu-Ray player, DVD player, video game systems or most any other tech, this is a great way to hide it away! The Refurbished





 Do you ever get really tired of looking at the various techie devices that always seem to go along with the television? We decided a long time ago to ditch cable, instead we use a Roku stick to watch Hulu, Netflix etc.















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How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

How to remove red wine from carpet. The Refurbished





Have you ever played euchre? I live in Michigan and it is a very popular game here, but there are plenty of places that have never even heard of it. For those of you who don’t know, Euchre is a card game. When my husband and I play euchre with our equally competitive neighbors, it can sometimes get pretty heated. This particular cleaning tip is the result of one such game.




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The Easiest Way to Clean Up a Dropped Egg

A great tip to clean up a dropped egg without it just running all over the place.




The other day I was making breakfast and accidently dropped an egg on the floor. Of course it splattered all over and made a terrible mess. As I turned to my spice cabinet it occurred to me that I should share this nifty little trick.










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