How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

Removing Nail Polish from Carpet- 4 Methods Tested



A few days ago I was visiting with a friend and happened to notice a pretty pink spot on her carpet. She explained that one of her beautiful daughters had recently spilled a bottle of nail polish and she had not been able to get the stain out.











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All Natural Air Freshener

All Natural Air Freshener




I have to admit, I really haven't embraced the essential oil craze. If I am being completely honest I haven't truly embraced the natural anything craze. I know I should. I really do, but I am too cheap and too set in my ways, so I always take too long to come around. I remember spending years saying "I just don't understand 3/4 length sleeves", or "seriously, why do people want their pants so tight all the way down". I am making myself sound like some old lady right now, but you can see that I am clearly a little slow on the uptake sometimes. 





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Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Series





I don't know about you but I have spent the last several weeks working on some serious spring cleaning. It's not too late to take advantage of our collection of Amazing Ways to simplify your Spring Cleaning to do list.









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How to REALLY get rid of Hard Water Stains in the Toilet

How to Truly Get Rid of Disgusting Hard Water Stains in your Toilet 



 Part 6 of the Spring Cleaning Series:

Bear with me for a moment here as we head into awkward territory. I want to show you guys an AMAZINGLY effective way to remove hard water buildup inside your toilet bowl, but that means showing pictures of my toilet. I am hoping that by now we know one another well enough that you will understand the scientific purposes and not judge me for posting pictures of the potty all over the World Wide Web... or for the fact that I just said "potty". :-)






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