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A Quick and Easy Door Update

A quick and easy way to dress up the doors in your home.






This was one of my favorite quick and easy updates. In fact, it will be even easier for you, unless your doors look like they haven’t received a fresh coat of paint in the past 75 years.














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DIY Console Table

A DIY x-brace console table that combines clean white lines and rustic style. From




I don’t have enough surfaces in my house. Okay, my house is really tiny so if I am being honest, I don’t have enough of a lot of things. Not enough surfaces, not enough wall space, not enough storage…  You know how they say that with properties it’s all about “location, location, location”? Well, they’re right, and our location is top notch. Most people would probably consider my house a cute little starter home, or maybe a quaint little retirement cottage. I guess you could say we do too, starter home, retirement cottage, and everything in between. :-)







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Saddle Stool Transformation

An industrial style makeover for the traditional saddle stool. From





Patrick and I are notorious for rushing into a purchase without really thinking it through or taking the time to look for better options. Such is the case with these saddle stools. We had a cocktail party of sorts and wanted to have bar stools available for our guests. So we basically bought the first decent and affordable stools we could find.




















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Creating a beautifully edged block sidewalk.

Create beautiful sidewalks and landscaping with Coyote Raw Steel Landscape Edging. This unfinished metal will create a natural patina to perfectly compliment your outdoor setting. From





Several years ago, when Patrick and I bought our house and started working on the landscaping, we stumbled across a great deal on some really unique blocks. We were visiting the local brickyard looking for regular bricks, but we also found grey blocks that had apparently been custom ordered and then returned. The employee told us that they had flecks of metal embedded, and would eventually rust just a bit. Having no clue what we were going to use them for, we decided that we had to have them.




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