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DIY Wedding Song Sign

Create a beautiful decoration to help cherish the memory of your first dance. From





Do you remember the song from the first dance at your wedding? Is that the kind of thing that most people remember? Or is that just my husband and I?














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Shamrock Shirt

Shamrock Shirt




My husband and I consider ourselves Irish, though Irish-ish is probably more accurate. We each have about 25% Irish heritage so it's not completely unfounded, but we tend to embrace it.










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A"MAZE"ing Valentines

Create these a-maze-ing valentines! With a free printable. From






It’s that time of year again. The time when we buy some silly trinket, find a mildly witty way to make a cute play on words, and turn it into a statement about love or friendship. That’s right, I am talking about school valentines. Despite my apparent criticism of the practice, I am a total dork for it. Mildly witty is my favorite type of humor, so in spite of my 6-year old’s tendency to take most things very literally, I fully embrace this tradition every year.











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Custom Printer Cabinet Crate

DIY Tutorial for a Custom Printer Storage Crate from





Last week, when I showed you guys how to make the rolling storage crates, I mentioned that one of them hid a secret. Well, it’s time to spill the beans! (Just humor me and pretend that the photo on the left hasn’t given away the answer already. :-)





















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