Saddle Stool Transformation

An industrial style makeover for the traditional saddle stool. From





Patrick and I are notorious for rushing into a purchase without really thinking it through or taking the time to look for better options. Such is the case with these saddle stools. We had a cocktail party of sorts and wanted to have bar stools available for our guests. So we basically bought the first decent and affordable stools we could find.




















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From Old Chairs to Beautiful Bench

A full tutorial to turn two old, decrepit chairs into a beautiful bench. From





Continuing with the “curb appeal” projects, I really wanted to turn these two broken and miserable chairs into a welcoming bench. As always happens when I am working on a particularly fun or interesting project, Patrick came home and took over, deciding that my way wasn’t quite good enough. Okay, he would never actually say that, but he did have an awesome way to make it even better. His way was much more difficult too though, so I am going to share both ways. :-)






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From Curtain to Outdoor "Rug"

When the outdoor rug you fall in love with is actually a curtain panel... I found a way to make it work.






You know how some parents feel like they suddenly have more time once the kids go back to school? Heck, I even know a couple of people who find themselves with so much time they are occasionally bored. I am NOT one of those people. I never have been, but this year is so much worse.









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My "baby" is heading back to school...

The back to school season is upon us but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. :-) from






Wow… I can’t believe the summer is over. How did that go by so quickly?


















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