Happy Easter

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I absolutely love crocus. As the first colorful flower to appear after every long cold winter, they make me feel a renewed sense of energy and hope whenever I see them.








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Who is The Refurbished Home?

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So who is The Refurbished Home?

I have been running this blog for nearly a year now, so it is well past time for me to properly introduce myself.



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Dear February- An open letter to the Month of February


 Dear February,

I don't know if we can be friends anymore. I know this is the part where I should probably say something cliche about how it's not you, it's me... but I can't lie to you like that.  It's you, it's all you. You come along, and bring all the agony of more winter, but with none of the promise or hope for warmth and sunshine that comes with March.


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Luck of the Irish

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