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Another Rustic Fall Centerpiece

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I'm sorry, I lied... Okay so it wasn't a lie so much as a classic change of heart. I said last week's post would be the last one with a Fall theme,but the next day, as I was walking past the table, I suddenly had a thought and I had to try it out...




So I went and stole a log out of my neighbor's amazing burn pile.  (I didn't really steal it, I promise).  If you don't happen to have easy access to a suitable log, I really think this idea would go well with a 4 x 4 as well.  With a log you achieve a rustic feel, and with a 4 x 4, I imagine the right accent pieces could create a look that ranges anywhere from rustic to industrial chic. Either way, the process remains the same...

2014-11-07 15.43.58 4350


and it's quite a simple process. Basically it's the exact same thing we did last week, in the "original" Rustic Fall Centerpiece post. The only difference is that it is much easier to drill into wood than into gourds. :-) 


So grab your 1 1/2" spade bit.





 I should warn you in advance that my measurements on this project were all very appoximate. Obviously it is up to you how carefully you choose to do that part. Begin by inserting your drill tip into the center of your log. Carefully maintain a 90 degree angle as you run the drill in, and stop occasionally to check the depth of your hole. Once a votive candle fits the way you would like, you can move on to the next hole.



2014-11-07 16.10.44350



Next, move to one of the ends, decide where you would like the candle to sit and drill your hole accordingly.  Then measure the distance from the edge of the log to the center of the hole, and use that measurement to mark the location for the hole on the other end.



2014-11-07 16.11.11 3350



Now, measure the distance from the center of an end hole to the center of the middle hole.  Split the difference and make another hole between the two.


And repeat on the other side.




2014-11-15 14.38.36350




The process may change a bit depending on the size of the log you choose, and the number of candles you would like.






2014-11-15 14.34.46350




The general concept, however, can easily be applied in whatever way best suits your table.






2014-11-15 14.35.16350




Now, I mean it this time. I have to face the facts, winter has arrived, and it brought nearly a foot of snow with an early season snow storm.  So... let the Holiday Season begin... next week ;-)





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