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Bring on the Boots




Last week we were hit with an early season snow storm... and then another...and another...  You get the idea.  We received over a foot and a half of snow and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! Okay, I'll get to the point.  With all that snow getting tracked into the house I decided that it was time to find a solution.






2014-11-13 16.46.16 2350



We have hardwood floors throughout and only a small 5' x 7' rug at the door.  I swear so much snow comes in during the winter that the rug never actually dries.  I know, a boot tray seems like a pretty obvious answer.   







2014-11-22 14.09.09350



But, the down side to a boot tray is that it looks gross. There is always a layer of dirt, grime and salt on the bottom.  Yes, I should simply clean it, but it would seriously be a daily project and I have better things to do. (This is literally what it looked like after one day.)






2014-11-13 16.47.24350




The solution?  Polished rocks from the Dollar store.  








2014-11-22 13.58.36350





It took 8 bags to fill this tray.  While I wouldn't go so far as to say that a boot tray could be a decoration, I will say that I hate this a lot less than the plain tray :-)






2014-11-22 14.01.43350





So now we have a much more effective surface on which to allow our boots to drip dry.  The tray dries much more quickly than the rug, which means a lot less tendency for a musty smell to develop.






2014-11-22 14.01.58350





And the rocks are an attractive way to hide the dirt and grime that settles to the bottom.







2014-11-22 13.56.56350


 Unfortunately, the reality is that in our household, we have to go one step further. Behold!  The MaxxDry Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer.  With Patrick working outdoors so often, his boots get soaked through and need to be 100% dry the next morning when he leaves for work again. This slightly less intense version works well too.

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2014-11-22 14.04.54350



This look may be a bit less pleasing than the original, but sometimes you have to sacrifice form for function. 


Given what has already taken place, I can only imagine that this winter is going to hit pretty hard.  At least this year we can look forward to a dry rug. 





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