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Bringing the Outside In- Decorating with Nature



  Every year my family goes out and cuts down a Christmas tree. More and more of our friends and family have gone the route of an artificial tree, but that just goes against all of my natural instincts. My home is often decorated with something I found out in our woods, and never more so than in the Holiday season.  So I want to share with you some fun and unique ways to Bring the Outside In this year, and Decorate with Nature.




I have complied a list of 10 ideas that I absolutely love.  The first is from our own home, and the rest are brilliant ideas I have found while wandering online.  I know you will love them as much as I do.


Decorating with Bare Branches

2014-12-10 13.54.50350




This is another one of those occasions when it would be fantastic if I were a better photographer.  I brought this large branch in, whitewashed it, hung it across the main front windows of our house, and decorated it with ornaments hung with jute.






2014-12-10 14.00.51350




The effect is so much more impressive in person.  








2014-12-10 13.59.54350




Due to the shape of the branch, the ornaments hang in a beautiful 3 dimensional collection.








2014-12-10 18.11.34350




No matter which angle I tried, I simply could not capture the true feel.  I even tried at night...  and then I gave up and moved on :-)












The second bare branch idea comes from Celebrations.com as a quick "last minute" decorating idea in which they use salt to create the look of snow.











I absolutely adore the natural beauty of winterberry.  This gorgeous example from A Fashion Gal and A Fireman illustrates how stunning a simple display of winterberry can be.


















This idea from Centsational Girl is so fun and unique.












Evergreen Branches






Pairing Evergreen Branches with the vibrant color of citrus creates a beautiful combination as shown in this great idea from Better Homes and Gardens.


















Or it can be used as a great seasonal filler in a unique container as they have done at Pretties and Posies.
















Before I move on to pinecones and acorns, I want to point out that both can and probably should, be baked when brought into the home, to eliminate any creepy crawlies that may be coming along for the ride.  Please exercise caution in doing so, and know that I cannot be held responsible if anything bad should happen, but I have read in a few different places that you can bake them on a sheet tray at 170 degrees for about 2 hours.







Martha Stewart has a great video that shows you how to create this fantastic wreath.




















And How to Decorate shows us how to create a gorgeous garland.



















Acorns can be used as another great natural filler as she shows at Small Home Big Start.














I love this great idea from Home Stories A to Z, where they show us how to paint acorns.







Like I said, the natural elements that can be found outside, can be used to create some amazing and beautiful decorations and displays!  So head outside and show us what you come up with!

See you in one month...
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