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Building a Fairy Garden




We have a giant pot that sits in the backyard.  It's one of those pots that is so big you really don't want to have to move it.  After several years, I was getting a bit tired of looking at the same plants, so for Mother's Day I asked Patrick and our son to help me make a Fairy Garden.  I thought it would be a fun way to change things up, but as usual Patrick took it a step further.  You'll see his fun twist on the classic Fairy Garden when I get to the end, but first, here are some tips on how you can make one.





 If you are a big fan of DIY projects and/or gardening, then you are probably a bit like us.  We have so many random things sitting in the basement, garage or shed, that we can often piece together an interesting project without too much trouble.  This was a classic example.  I explained the type of thing I was thinking and then we all wandered around and found things we thought would work.





It started with this old pot.  We knew we wanted to make it into a "home" for the fairy but first it needed a few adjustments.  So Patrick took the grinder and cut a hole for the doorway.  Then he decided to go ahead and chop off the bottom of the pot so we could put a plant on the roof.










After playing around with it for awhile we decided that we wanted the house to be on top of a hill.  So we found some interesting chunks of wood and created a platform for the house to sit on.










Next we wandered around the yard and found some moss to use as "grass".  It's pretty easy to transplant moss, just scrape a layer off the ground, going about 2 inches deep.  The moss can then be torn or cut into sections to acquire the shape you are looking for.  You can see the lines that show our "grass" looks a bit like puzzle pieces fit together.  Don't worry, the pieces will grow back together pretty quickly.








In order to better visualize what we were doing we went ahead and laid out the stone stairway.  It was later dismantled temporarily so that we could plant the various plants around it, but it helped us to decide what exactly we were looking for.








So back to that house.  We wanted to plant something into the roof, but had that pesky doorway to contend with.  I think it would have ruined the affect to see the dirt through the door, so we shoved a layer of landscape cloth into the house.  We then wandered the yard again and came back with a big chunk of Myrtle to put in there.  Once the Myrtle was well planted, we were able to move the fabric around enough to make sure you couldn't really see it through the doorway.








Now to start decorating.  We decided to build a "fence" around the "grass" so we simply found some smallish sticks and broke them into pieces that were 8-10" long .  We placed the sticks one at a time, into the dirt very close to one another.  This was a good part of the project for our 4 year to help out with.









Next we needed some serious landscaping.  This time we broke down and went to the store.  We wanted to make sure we had small plants that would almost give the impression of being miniature.  We found that with some of the plants it worked well to take a very sharp knife and literally cut the plant into two pieces.  








Once the plants were filled in the way we wanted, we put the stairway back together.


You may also notice a random globe in this picture.  The area in the middle is going to be a pond when everything else is done, so while we were out buying plants Patrick decided to try buying this solar light to bury "in the water".






And now we start accessorizing.  We found some salvia plants and thought it might be fun to plant one as a "tree".  I think it has a bit of a Truffula Tree vibe :-)  We used a screwdriver to knock out the bottom of this mini terra cotta pot and then literally planted the salvia through it.  


In our initial search we had also come up with the little birdbath and the giant mushrooms, so we added those as well.









Finally, it was time to add the "water" in the pond.  We used blue glass stones for this, and again this was one of the little guy's favorite parts.












So here is the completed Fairy Garden, all ready and waiting for a fairy to move in.








Remember that unique twist I mentioned earlier?  This is where that part comes in.  Patrick is a big fan of keeping magic and imagination alive in our son, so he couldn't just leave it at this.  A few days after we finished the garden, this bridge appeared during the night.  Cobbled together out of wire and wood, the bridge instantly had our four-year-old convinced that a fairy had built it, which was of course the idea.









A few more days past by and then another new addition appeared, a platform and a rope ladder...










... only this time, the construction was not yet complete.  If you look closely you will see that the fairy left out his tools, and he even has miniature sawhorses.






This garden was a lot of fun to create, but the best part is seeing the excitement every time a new piece appears.  The "fairy" has been really busy at work lately, but when he gets the time to add something new to his house, we will be sure to share it.  Thanks for reading!

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