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Controlled Chaos: Kid's Art Wall




 Our son went back to school this week.  Preschool, that is.  This is his second year of preschool, but this year he is spending twice as much time there.


While I am certain that our son is a Preschool Prodigy, and his artistic genius is beyond compare, I get a little tired of the chaos on the refrigerator.


 I am pretty sure that twice as many school days will mean twice as much school work coming home with him, but I am not afraid, I am prepared!  

preschool prodigy before



Now seriously, I love all of the things he brings home from school, and I am happy to display them.  In fact that may even be part of the problem.  I don't just pick a few things to hang up, but rather I proudly display each and every item (okay maybe not each and every, but darn close).  No matter how nice and straight I hang everything, it always ends up looking like this before long.











preschool prodigy






One day last year I suddenly had an epiphany.  There is a large wall in his room that has literally nothing on it, and here I am with a whole pile of stuff that needs a new (and preferably tidy) home.  So I bought a bunch of clipboards and started measuring out a grid.







preschool prodigy after



Now he gets to proudly display his own work.  He loves it because I let him pick and choose what to hang and he even gets to do it himself on the ones he can reach, and it makes for a really fun decoration in his room.  These pictures are from last year, and we haven't had enough new stuff come home yet to really fill it up, so I will post new pictures once that happens.



...and in the meantime, bring on the onslaught of artistic awesomeness... We are READY!! :-)

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