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Conversation Stones



My Husband is a bit of a romantic. Yep, I am lucky enough to have found one of the few guys that actually likes to sit down and talk, he doesn't even get squirmy if we talk about feelings. :-) Sometimes we get stuck in the same rut I am sure most "married with children" types end up in. You know the routine, you talk about the kids, money, what's for dinner... but real conversations can be hard to come by at times.






We recently had a date night dinner at a restaurant where they keep old trivial pursuit cards on the table. We had a lot of fun and the cards started some interesting conversations. Thus the inspiration behind these Conversations Stones. With Valentine's Day right around the corner I thought this would be a nice little gift for Patrick.

stonesYou will need:

*Clear Glass Stones (I found these at the dollar store)

*Modge Podge


*Small Paintbrush

*Computer and Printer

*Crayons or something similar (optional)




The hardest part of making these conversation stones, was coming up with good questions. After extensive research (on Google) I came up with 33 that I liked. (I will include that list at the end of this post.) Then you have to figure out how to phrase the question with as few words as possible. I created a Word document with columns that were formatted to be only 1/2" wide to ensure that I stayed within size range. I found that using Calibri 8pt font I was able to get as much as 4 rows of text on one stone. That may seem a bit too small, but the stones act as magnifiers so it will be easier to read when you are done.





Once I had all of the questions, I printed it out.  Then I went all "fancy crafter" and stole my 5 year old's crayons. :-)












Now the tedious part, cutting out all of those little tiny circles. The good news is that these stones are not even remotely all the same size/shape. Just go ahead and cut out the words as small as you can, in a vaguely circular shape, and you can find the stone that best fits it.










With all of the questions cut out, I found it easiest to lay them out, along with a handful of stones, and just start eyeballing it. There is quite a bit of variation from one stone to the next so you should be able to find a good fit for each question without too much difficulty.










When you have a good match,













Use the paintbrush to apply a small amount of modge podge to the writing side of the paper.  












This is not like some modge podge projects where it's okay to have a thick coat. You really don't want it squishing out the sides because it will be difficult to completely remove from the clear glass. Just make sure you have a very thin even coat.











Then set the stone back on top of the paper and press down hard to remove any visable bubbles.












Flip it over to make sure the edges are all pressed down and that there is no excess modge podge, then leave upside down to dry.












Once dry, apply a second coat of modge podge to the bottom. Again, you want a thin even coat.  Be sure to get the edges well, but carefully.











When that second coat dries you can flip them back over and admire your hard work.












And then find a nice little dish to put them in.  Target has whole collection of little bowls right now that I have been dying for an excuse to buy.  I think this is the perfect excuse :-)


I still have some time before Valentine's Day, I would love to hear your suggestions for more questions in the comments below!




As promised, here is the list of questions I used: (You will have to shorten most of them)

*Something you learned this year?

*One thing you can't live without?

*Favorite character in book or movie?

*What are you grateful for?

*How have you changed since we met?

*Best thing that happened in the past year?

*Worst thing that happened in the past year?

*Favorite memory from our wedding?

*When was the happiest you have ever been?

*When was the most scared you have ever been?

*What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

*If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

*Stuck on a desert island, what one thing would you want?

*Best thing to happen last week?

*Worst thing to happen last week?

*Do you believe in luck?

*What is the most valuable thing you own?

*You have 24 hours to live, what would you do?

*What is one thing you wish you had learned to do?

*What was your most embarrassing moment?

*What is your biggest regret?

*What would be your dream job?

*What is the best advice you have ever received?

*Who do your admire most?

*Favorite movie?

*Favorite actor or actress?

*Worst movie ever?

*Favorite food? 

*What was something you got in trouble for as a child?

*As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

*First childhood memory?

*If you could meet one person who would it be?

Admittedly, I probably know the answers to many of these questions, but what if I only think I do?  I know someone who recently found out that his wife hates pineapple upside down cake, and he has spent well over a decade thinking it was her favorite....


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