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DIY Industrial Shelf

industrial shelving




So, how's things? Are you having a great weekend? Taking advantage of this fabulous spring weather to work on some fun projects? I spent all day yesterday working on something I am pretty excited about. Of course it still could go terribly wrong, we'll see. :-)








industrial shelf22Anyhow, today I wanted to share our version of the industrial shelving trend. I love the mixture of industrial piping with stained wood, and knew immediately when I saw the idea, that we would need to embrace it in our home. We actually built this quite awhile ago, but we are also going to be building some rolling crates to go with it, and I wanted to wait to share until those are done. I have given up on that notion, because who knows when we'll get around to that... So without further ado, here's the tutorial on our freestanding industrial shelving.


Our shelf is 8ft wide by 16 & 1/2" deep and 33 & 1/2" tall. There is a second shelf at 20". The measurements and parts list provided are specific to these dimensions.



industrial shelf1You will need:

All pipes and fittings are 1/2" Black Pipe

*6 floor flanges

*6 caps

*6 - 2" nipples

*6  couplings

*6 T fittings

*9 -12" pipes

Not pictured:

*6 -18" pipes

*6 -1"x6"x8' boards

*2 -1"x4"x8' boards

*Clear Spray Paint

* Saw

* Drill

* 7/8" spade bit

* 1/8" drill bit

* 1&1/4" multipurpose/drywall screws

*Stain or paint of choice

*You may also need 2 pipe wrenches

*goo gone (optional)

The first step is simply getting all of the stickers off. This actually may be the most difficult part of this project! I ended up using goo gone and it was still a pain. Regardless of how you do it, once you are done, scrub the pipes with some kind of degreaser. Dish soap is usually sufficient, you just don't want to leave the grease on there or it will end up on clothes, pets, children etc.

industrial shelf2




Loosely fit your pipe pieces together. 

Please note, in this picture the lower legs look short than the upper section. That is just a perspective trick however, this photo shows 12" lower legs and we later changed to 18".







industrial shelf3




Then spray the piping with clear spray paint. Now that you have removed the protective grease there is a risk of the pipes rusting. The clear coat will prevent that.







industrial shelf4




Stain your boards, and cut the 1"x4"s into 15" pieces. Line up 3 of the 1"x6" boards.









industrial shelf5




Lay out 6 of the 1"x4" pieces.









industrial shelf6




Place the first 1"x4" about 3" in from the end, then place another 12" from the first, and the third 12" from the second. Starting from the other end repeat this spacing. You will end up with a larger space in the middle which will allow for the middle set of legs. 






industrial shelf7




Pre-drill the holes to run screws into each board.









industrial shelf8




When you run each screw, be sure to countersink the head for the best grip. These screws are too short if you don't, but the next size up is too long and would poke through the shelf surface. 







industrial shelf9




On each corner make a mark 1&1/2" in from the end and the side, so that the two lines cross and make an "X".









industrial shelf10


At the center point of the "X", use your spade bit to drill a hole ALMOST all the way through. When the point of the bit has gone through, stop. Repeat on each corner. Then find the center of the shelf and make an "X" 1&1/2" in from the edge (on each side) for your center legs.








industrial shelf11





Once you have started all 6 holes, flip the whole thing over and finish drilling from the other side. This creates cleaner edges on the hole.

Then repeat the entire process for the second set of 3- 1"x6"s.






industrial shelf12




Now it's time to start putting this thing together! Set up the legs, approximately 4' apart.









industrial shelf15




Remove the top assembly from each. 









industrial shelf13




Then bring over one of the shelves and carefully manuever the pipes into the appropriate holes.









industrial shelf14




Here's what we've got so far.









industrial shelf16




Put all but the top cap back on.









industrial shelf17




Then the top shelf.









industrial shelf18




And finally the top caps. Tighten them down well so that they help hold the whole unit stable.









industrial shelf19




So this is the finished shelf.









industrial shelf20




Now we just have to settle a small dispute about how to decorate.









industrial shelf21




As you can imagine, my son has his own ideas about what to do with all this space. :-)









industrial shelf22




We finally established that I get to be in charge of this one,









industrial shelf23




but honestly there is just so much amazing space here that I am really struggling.









industrial shelf24




I swear I completely change it everyday.









industrial shelf25



Like I said, we are going to be building some seriously customized rolling crates to fit underneath.










industrial shelf26




Until we find the time to do that, I imagine the set-up will continue to change daily.  :-)








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