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Hand Painted Christmas Trees Tutorial

2014-11-29 08.48.07 3350




I suspect most of you have figured out by now, that I am a big fan of spray paint.  So, of course, when I wanted to paint these triangular trees with 3 different patterns, I had to bust out the spray paint. 










2014-11-26 17.02.57


I knew what I wanted each of the trees to look like, but to make that happen with spray paint, I had to literally draw it out so that I could think through the order in which each layer of paint should take place.  Try not to be too envious of my mad drawing skills :-)


In order to make the designs I have done here, you will need 3 coordinating colors of spray paint, 1/2 inch painter's tape, and some sort of smallish round stickers. 




2014-11-26 16.20.03



Basically, you can prime them all together, but you are going to have work on them separately after that.  So go ahead and prime them.









2014-11-26 16.59.50




Then we are going to start with the medium size tree (the polka dots) because it is the easiest style.  Begin by deciding what color you would like the dots to be, in my case, blue. Then spray it that color. If you are going for a more crisp, clean look, you will most likely need to do a few coats.  If you are planning on a shabby look, one relatively thorough coat will usually do it.





2014-11-28 11.06.26



When you are satisfied with your paint coverage and the paint is dry, apply round stickers randomly over the tree.  It doesn't  matter what the stickers look like, only that you like the shape and size.  I had these left over from a garage sale a few years ago.  I actually think they were my brother's.  (shhhh, don't tell him)






2014-11-28 11.06.45



Make sure that some of the circles fold over the edge. Then spray the whole thing with your top color.  In my case that was white.  Set it aside while the paint dries.  Once it is safe to touch, remove the stickers.







2014-11-26 17.01.48


 Next we will move on to the small tree.  Start with the color you would like in the bottom stripe, and paint the whole tree.


When the first layer of paint is dry enough, we are going to create a pattern with the tape. Start with a strip of tape that lines up with the bottom edge.  Then leave a space approximately the same size as that strip.  Then do another strip.  Tape, space, tape is the pattern you will repeat all the way up the tree.  When you have taped the entire tree, paint your second color.




 2014-11-28 11.22.02



When the paint is dry, peel off the tape layer labeled "green" in the above picture. (and all of the equivalent pieces for the whole tree)








2014-11-28 11.28.38



Then add new strips to cover your second paint color, and spray the final paint color.  Once dry, you can remove all layers of tape and set aside.








2014-11-26 16.57.50



Moving on to the third tree... again, start by painting your base coat. In this case choose whichever color you want to see the most of. (I have no idea why I took this picture when I was only part of the way through painting it blue, but I am sure you get the idea).







On this one, we are going to make the pattern using tape again, but the pattern is different.  Start off at one of the bottom corners, and lay the first piece of tape at the angle that you want.  Working your way up the tree, add two more pieces, making sure that the edges of each piece are flush with one another.  Then leave a small space and do another set of three.  Cover the entire tree in this pattern and don't forget to fill in the bottom corner as well.  When you are ready, paint the small exposed stripes with your accent color.


 2014-11-28 12.54.10



When that has dried, remove each middle piece of tape.








2014-11-28 12.58.50



and apply new tape over the accent stripes.  Then paint your final color.









2014-11-29 08.41.27




When the paint is dry, remove all the tape.  If you are sticking with crisp lines, then you are all done.  








2014-11-29 08.48.07350



If you want the shabby, distressed look, lightly sand each tree.









2014-11-29 08.55.55350




Apply a bit more pressure on edges and corners and in a few random places.








2014-11-29 08.54.25350While I was working on putting this post together, a friend mentioned something that really hadn't occured to me.  Lots of people are interested in painting, but not necessarily comfortable with the idea of cutting out the trees in the first place.  If that is what you are thinking right now, I have some good news for you. We made a few extra sets and we will be offering them for sale in our store.  Here's the link.







2014-11-29 08.56.15350




The trees are made from reclaimed cedar and have the added benefit of a few different options.  You could embrace the natural beauty of the cedar (which is smooth on one side, and textured on the other) and leave them just the way they come, or add a clear coat to bring out the woodgrain, or obviously, you could paint them like we have shown here.  





2014-11-29 09.41.03350




 Whatever you choose, these trees make a fun addition to any Holiday decor, so have fun with it.

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