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How to Build A Rustic Sailboat

How to Build A Rustic Sailboat from The Refurbished Home




Can you keep a secret? I made this Rustic Sailboat as part of a Mother's Day gift, but I really want to share it with you now, so promise you won't tell her! Don't worry, I already told my Mom she's not allowed to look at the website. :-)










How To Build A Rustic Sailboat from The Refurbished Home




My parents are sailors, and they live on the shores of Lake Michigan. To say the least, they have (and with good reason) embraced a nautical theme for much of their decorating. It is physically impossible for me to see nautical decor and not think of my Mom, but it's rare that I actually think "She NEEDS that!". Which is exactly what I thought when I saw this incredible idea from House of Hawthornes.

Seriously? Using treebranches to make a sailboat? Honestly, I am a little disappointed in myself for not thinking of it. :-)







rustic sailboat1




So I found a branch in the backyard. It didn't really want to stand up on it's own so I cut a flat spot with the table saw.













rustic sailboat3




I found another branch to use for a mast, and chose a drill bit that was a teensy bit smaller than the branch.













rustic sailboat4




Then I drilled a hole towards the middle of the "hull",













rustic sailboat5




and used some wood glue to make sure the mast stayed in place.













rustic sailboat6




I had planned to go to the fabric store, but earlier in the day I was at the grocery and just happened to find this perfect place mat on clearance.












rustic sailboat7




I measured the width,













rustic sailboat8




and the height,













rustic sailboat9




then started cutting.













rustic sailboat11




I started with rectangles to make sure I had the right size, then I cut it into a triangle.













rustic sailboat10




The place mat was two layers thick,













rustic sailboat12




so I needed to clean up the cut edge. If I had used regular fabric I would have probably left the edges rough.













rustic sailboat13




I sewed up the fabric,













rustic sailboat14




then poked some string through the corners,













rustic sailboat15




and added a tiny eye bolt to each end of the hull. 













rustic sailboat16




Then I laid it all out and started tying.













rustic sailboat17




Once I had all the knots where I wanted I added a drop of glue to each,













rustic sailboat18




and cut off the ends.













rustic sailboat19




Here you can see the I place the eye bolts toward the back and left just a teensy bit of slack in the height of the fabric. This gave the sails some depth.












rustic sailboat20




Finally I added a little triangle flag, cut from the fabric scraps and attached with a dot of hot glue.













How To Build A Rustic Sailboat from The Refurbished Home




What do you think? Will she like it??













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