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How to Force Tulip Bulbs (or make people think you did)

How to force bulbs




I am ready for gardening season! Just one problem… It’s March and I live in Michigan. The snow is melting but there’s still several feet sitting on top of my garden beds. So if I want to be growing any flowers right now, it’s going to have to be indoors.











Forcing tulip bulbs really isn’t that difficult, and if you want to do it the right way, the instructions are very nearly the same. Here’s the thing, finding tulip bulbs this time of year really isn’t that easy. Tulips need to be planted in the fall, so in the fall they can be found just about anywhere. In the late winter or spring it’s a different story. Sure, I could have ordered some online but honestly, any time I have ordered any sort of plant life it has arrived in pretty bad condition. So I decided to fake it using pre-planted tulips. Yep, generic, paper-wrapped, grocery store tulips.

forced bulbs1




Here's what you'll need:

*Pre-planted tulips (try to pick ones that haven't opened yet)

*Clear Vase

*Decorative rocks










forced bulbs2




Place a layer of rocks in the bottom of the glass vase.













forced bulbs3




Remove the bulbs from the pot.













forced bulbs4




Very gently seperate each bulb.  You will end up removing a substanial portion of the roots, which is okay, but remember to be VERY GENTLE and retain as much root as you can.












forced bulbs5




Then rinse the dirt off.













forced bulbs6




Once all of the bulbs are cleaned and ready,













forced bulbs7




place each bulb on top of the layer of rocks.













forced bulbs8





You want the bulbs to all sit about even with one another, and you want to try and get the roots to sit down into the rocks a bit more.  It will take a bit of manipulating but it doesn't need to be perfect.










forced bulbs9




Then add some more rocks in between the bulbs.













forced bulbs10




Add water to the bottom of the vase.  You want the water to just barely touch the bottom of the bulbs. 













forced bulbs11




You will need to be a bit more vigilant to make sure they don't run out of water,













forced bulbs12





but otherwise, just sit back












forced bulbs13




and enjoy your beautiful flowers.













forced bulbs15




Mine are almost ready to fully open up.













How to force tulip bulbs

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