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DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump


Mason Jar Soap Pump


Don't you just love mason jars? I do, I use them for everything. Seriously, if you ever come to my house you will see them everywhere. We use them for our drinking glasses. I use them to store leftovers. I use a giant one as a pitcher when I make juice or tea. I keep my son's vitamins in a mason jar. I keep my baking soda in a mason jar.  I keep sugar next to the coffee maker in a mason jar. Now that I think about it, I may be a bit obsessive.  Maybe instead of telling you how to make a soap pump out of a mason jar I should seek professional help...




We are in the middle of a bathroom "refresh". It's not really a remodel, but it is far more than the paint touch-ups I had originally intended. More on that later, but for now I wanted to share a little project that is going to be in the completed bathroom.





We have been selling these Mason Jar Soap Pumps through our store for quite some time now, but there are two kinds of people, those that want to buy, and those that want to make. I think it's time to share the instructions for those that want to make. :-)











2015-02-28 15.32.11


You will need:

*A mason jar and matching lid set

*A disposable soap pump 

*A drill

*A spade drill bit - size to be discussed shortly

*Spray Paint- any color or clear

*Loctite Stik'N Seal Outdoor Adhesive (this is not a sponsored post, it is genuinely the best glue for this project)


*Please note this is a pretty quick project but due to glue drying times it will take approximately 48 hours.








A couple notes regarding the disposable soap pump. 

1.) I know you can buy just the mechanism in some craft stores etc however you can usually find a soap pump for less than a dollar and you get the soap so it often works out to be cheaper this way.

2.) I have always used Dial because I like the shape of the spout and the scents they offer. I am pretty sure you can use any brand though.











To figure out what size spade bit you need, measure this portion of your pump and use a bit  that is the same size or slightly larger.
















Then drill a hole through the center of the lid.













These lids rust VERY easily so they do not hold up well on their own. You HAVE to seal them with something.  The easiest thing to do is a quick coat of spray paint. If you like the traditional look of the lid, use a clear coat, otherwise this is an opportunity to make the lid any color you choose. 


BEFORE you paint the lid, wash it to remove any residue that may be present. Spray paint is very touchy on this particular surface and if there is even a hint of an oily fingerprint it will bubble and crackle.  Wash both the lid and the ring and then try not to touch them again until they have been painted.

Okay, I think I have used enough CAPS to get my point across . :-)





Once the paint is dry, apply a bead of glue all the way around the inside of this lip.

















Then insert it into the lid. The glue will push through too and that is fine, but make sure there isn't any visable on the top

















Allow the glue to dry for about 24 hours.

















Then flip it over to this position.

(The glue will seem dry prior to 24 hours, but if you jump ahead on flipping it over there is a big risk of the pump slowly seperating from the lid while it is upside down.)














Then apply another bead around the underside.  Allow another 24 hours to dry.

















One more thing to do. The pump may or may not be the right height for the jar.

















If it is too tall just cut a small portion off the bottom.













2015-02-28 15.43.26




Then fill it with your favorite soap and enjoy.













2015-02-28 15.43.52




Thanks for letting me share a little creativity!


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