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Rustic Fall Centerpiece



Halloween has come and gone, and for many crafters and DIYers (that's a word, right?) that means moving on to thoughts of Christmas.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I am always a bit slow to relinquish my grasp on Fall.  So before I change gears I want to share one more Fall project, which will make a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.






2014-11-07 14.32.21-350



I love decorating with assorted gourds.  I have been looking at these (and marveling at how long they last) for over a month, and suddenly it occured to me that they would look awesome as votive candle holders. 







2014-11-07 14.29.08-350





First thing first... you need to have a 1 1/2" spade bit for your drill. 







2014-11-07 14.33.08-350





I started with one of the simple ones because I really wasn't sure if this was going to work or not.  And I laid out a few layers of rags because I was mildly expecting gourd guts to be flying everywhere.





2014-11-07 14.34.26350





By applying a relatively small amount of pressure, the stem breaks right off.






2014-11-07 14.35.36-350





Place the tip of your drill bit directly into the center of where ever you would like the candle to sit.






2014-11-07 14.36.15-350




I found that applying short burst of power worked must better than simply pulling the trigger and letting it fly.

*Just a warning, when you break through the relatively firm layer and get into the middle with the seeds etc, your drill will try to run away from you. Be prepared for this so that you don't end up taking out a big chunk. 



2014-11-07 14.38.50-350





Continue until you feel you have achieved the correct depth for your candle.  


*Please don't mind the spray paint all over my fingers, I never stick to just one project at a time :-)



2014-11-07 14.39.17-350





And viola, you have created a candle holder!







2014-11-07 15.58.22 2-350




Now simply repeat until you have a full set.  


*Another warning, the oblong ones were not as cooperative.  The "firm" layer was nearly non-existent and the drill did not want to make a nice pretty round hole.  Again, if you know it's coming you can manage to get something that is close enough :-) 



2014-11-07 15.58.37 2-350





Now here comes the part where we all wish I was a better photographer...






2014-11-07 15.59.12-350





but they still look pretty great though...







2014-11-07 15.59.27-350





I hope you agree.







2014-11-07 16.00.08-350


 After carefully watching mine, I can tell you that you really only have about 3 days to enjoy these. Admittedly, they will continue to look good beyond the third day, but a revolting amount of mold will begin to develop under the candle.  The actual time frame will depend on the age/condition of you gourds at the time of drilling, but plan on no more than 3 days.



If you use this idea on your table, we would love to see it.  Please be sure to share!


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