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The Wonderful World of Spray Paint- Birdhouse





Welcome back to the Wonderful World of Spray Paint!  I am in love with this birdcage, but it definitely did not look like this when I found it.  Click the "continue reading" link to see the before & after.





 Oh, how I love the amazing things that a can of spray paint can do.  I am not saying this birdcage couldn't have looked good in white, I am simply saying that it didn't.  The paint job left a lot to be desired and several spots had been missed.  The biggest problem however, was the finish.  I am not generally a fan of glossy paint, but I recognize that sometimes it is the right look for the job.  As you can see a bit more clearly in the pictures below, there is a lot of detail on the top and bottom, and those details sorta faded together in a matte finish.  The light shining off a glossy finish really draws attention to what makes this birdcage unique.


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