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The Wonderful World of Spray Paint- Clock Makeover





This time of year we spend a lot of time wandering garage sales.  Obviously in this line of work we are always on the lookout for interesting pieces of furniture, but sometimes, buried between the piles of outgrown children's clothes and the old dried/fake floral arrangements, you can find an unexpected treasure.  Such is the case with the clock you see here.




 When I found this poor neglected clock, it had clearly been sitting in storage for ages, covered in enough dust and grime that I could barely see the unfortunate bronze finish.  Still, I knew that with just a little time I could transform this very unique clock.









After a quick cleaning this is what the clock originally looked like.








clock after300


I dismantled the clockface, broke out my trusty can of spray paint, and went to town.  After about 5 minutes worth of effort (not including dry times)  I had converted the old clock in something completely new. Then I also decided that the background looked better upside-down. :-)


 Spray Paint is pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world.  With a minimal amount of time and effort you can completely transform something outdated.  I plan to do a few follow up posts about the Wonderful World of Spray Paint, so keep an eye out.  In the meantime we would love to see some of your spray paint projects.  Feel free to add your projects in the comments below.











Oops, I almost forgot to show you the close-up of the glossy black finish.

Have a great day!









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