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Think Outside the Box- Creative Egg Decorating

Easter Egg decorating




It's almost time to color Easter Eggs! Every year my family does the same as so many families. We use the classic box of tablets and mix with vinegar. Sometimes we get "creative" and try to achieve the double dip, you know the kind with each half a different color. This year I am determined to do better, and with these amazing ideas the hardest part will be deciding which to try.







Rubber cement Easter Eggs




I am completely in love with the vibrant colors in these Rubber Cement Easter Eggs from Unsophisticook.
















Hipster Easter Eggs 5





These Easy Hispter Easter Eggs found on One Good Thing by Jillee use the same concept as a temporary tattoo, which takes your options to a whole new level. You can find the free printable for these designs (and a few more), as well as the full tutorial, on her site.
















Decorate an Easter egg with a paper napkin





There are so many fun options when Jessi from Practically Functional shows us this fantastic idea with paper napkins.















easter egg coloring mosaic





I love the shattered pattern on these Magic Mosaic Easter Eggs from The Sits Girls. The best part is that the design is on the actual egg, not just the shell.














glitter n glue diy glitter easter egg full





Miss Kris Turner shares all the details to make these fabulous Glittered Easter Eggs.













Sharpie dotted easter eggs





The possibilities are endless with this great Dotted Sharpie idea from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.















Speckled Eggs 8 thumb





Carolyn's Homework shows us a simple and sophisticated way to create Speckled Easter Eggs.





So which do you think you will try?


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