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Ugly Buckets turned Tomato Planters

Turn 5-gallon pails into cheap, easy and fun Tomato Planters!




My family used to plant a full vegetable garden every year. It was never really our thing though. We were actually kind of terrible at it. We put off weeding like it was going to cause us physical harm, we forgot to water it often enough, we watered it the "wrong way" and gave our veggies assorted diseases... it took us 3 years to admit defeat and decide that we would be better off supporting our local farmers at the farmer's market.








With one exception. Tomatoes. We go through more tomatoes than a family of 3 ever should. Cherry tomatoes in particular. They are my son's favorite food and he spends the entire summer eating them like they are going out of style. 90% of the tomatoes we grow never even make it into our house, he just eats them straight off the plant. 

We used to plant the tomatoes in the garden, but one year they got blight and we were told we couldn't use that soil for tomatoes again for a few years, so we moved them into pots. The problem is that healthy tomato plants need BIG pots, and big pots are expensive. We have been rocking a strange and ugly assortment of pots for a couple of years, but this year I decided that I am done with that.

I went to the store intent on accepting whatever price I had to pay for some decent looking pots, but when looking at the $30 and up price tags I just couldn't make myself commit, especially since I needed 6 of them! So it was time to get creative.

tomato buckets1




I picked up 6 of these 5-gallon buckets for $2.49 each. Much better than $30, but they are not exactly what I want to spend my summer looking at. If you know me at all, you can see where this is headed...

*You may want to rub your hand across the printing to see if it is raised or anything. Mine were perfectly smooth, but if you pick one that isn't, you will probably regret it.








tomato buckets2




Off the the spray paint department! We decided to go with fun bright colors this year, but the fun thing is that I can change it next year if I want to.












tomato buckets3




I lightly sanded the surface because they were extremely smooth and glossy, then I started spraying.













tomato buckets4




When painting plastic it is definitely best to go with multiple thin coats of paint, so don't over do it. This is after 2 coats. In the end I did 4 coats of this color.













tomato buckets6




Once the paint had cured I drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom of each bucket to provide good drainage. They aren't the most beautiful planters I have ever seen, but they are fun and cute and I spent $22 to make all three of them!











Tomato Planters from 5-gallon buckets, using spray paint.




Saving $158 makes them look even better :-)













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