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Ugly Ducking Makeover- Nightstands

An Ugly Duckling Nightstand Makeover




In the world of furniture makeovers, "it has great bones" is a phrase you hear pretty often... These tables do NOT have great bones, in fact they barely have bones at all. I sort of acquired them by accident.










nightstand makeover1




I was running late for an appointment one day and drove past them on the side of the road. From a distance they had great potential, so I called Patrick, who was working nearby, and asked him to pick them up. Apparently I needed to be more specific and clearly state that he should only grab them if they were worth grabbing.









nightstand makeover2




What you can't see in these pictures is the quality. I have absolutely no idea what they are made out of but it is little more than cardboard. Okay I may be exaggerating a bit but these tables are definitely not one of my better finds. 











nightstand makeover3




Here's the thing though, paint can do amazing things. In this particular case I think the paint may be helping to hold the "cardboard" together, but aside from that, these tables now have a whole new lease on life.











nightstand makeover4




Just for fun I added a touch of color to the insides of the drawers.













nightstand makeover5




The surface is definitely not smooth so distressed was the only way to go. I wasn't aiming for antiqued, and I didn't want the look of dark wax.












nightstand makeover6




By simply embracing the roughness, and lightly distressing the corners and such.













nightstand makeover8




These tables are actually beautiful again. In fact they are already on their way to a new home. Just goes to show, that garbage isn't always what it seems.










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