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World Map Makeover- Another Wonderful World of Spray Paint Project

World Map Makeover- Spray Paint Project




Usually Thursday is the day of the week that I post a kid-friendly project, but this week my partner in crime abandoned me at the last second so I was left to entertain myself. It took almost an entire 2 seconds to decide what I would do with the unexpected free time. 







Last fall Patrick and I gutted (with the intention of remodeling) our workshop. Time got away from us and winter hit a full month earlier than usual. We ended up with a huge mess and no real work space for the entire winter. My projects have been VERY limited by this. The weather is finally turning around so hopefully we will be able to get the time to create our new workshop soon. In the meantime, temperatures rising also means that I finally have the option to spray paint again!

world map makeover2



We bought this photograph years ago. I still love the photo but I have never liked the frame it came in. Silver is great, but it really doesn't work well with our house. For the past month or so, the frame has been a place holder on a shelf while I tried to decide if I liked the size and shape of it. The problem is that it has been sitting sideways.  I really wish I had thought to take a picture of that before I started dismanteling it. You may have noticed the picture wire running across this photo. I was really late in remembering to take a "before" photo. :-)







world map makeover1




Anyhow, here you can see that brushed silver finish. Again, I like silver well enough, but I don't feel that it works in our home, and I was finally ready to get rid of it.












world map makeover3





I found this great world map and knew it was just the thing I had been looking for.












world map makeover4




So I took the old door photo out of the frame (I will find a different spot for it soon), removed the glass,













world map makeover5




and set it over the map. You can't really see it but trust me, it's there.













world map makeover6




See? :-)













world map makeover7




The map is a bit larger than the frame, so I trimmed it with an X-acto knife.













spray paint




This is the paint I had in mind.













world map makeover8




See that awesome texture?













world map makeover10




If you have been around here for awhile you already know that I LOVE spray paint, but seriously, how fun is textured paint??













world map makeover9





And it looks great with the "Old World" map.












world map makeover11




I haven't really decided the right set-up for this shelf yet.













world map makeover12




So I am just playing around with some options,













world map makeover13




but I love the way this map/frame makeover turned out!

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