Looking for something fun to do?  Here is a list of the great DIY projects we have posted, complete with step-by-step instructions.


DIY Rolling Storage Crates

Build your own custom rolling storage crates. The Refurbished Home.com






 Remember last winter when I shared the tutorial for the industrial shelf we made? If you recall, at the end of that post, I mentioned that I had a plan to build some custom rolling storage crates. Well, it’s been almost a year now, so it’s about time that I finally got around to building them.










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These Are a Few of Our Favorite... Projects! -- Best of 2015

2015's Top 12 Posts from TheRefurbishedHome.com









It’s that time of year again! It will be 2016 in two weeks. So it’s time to take a look back at what happened here at The Refurbished Home during 2015.












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Placemat Pillows- A Quick and Easy Custom Pillow Project

Placemat Pillows- A Quick and Easy Custom Pillow Project from TheRefurbishedHome.com





You still have plenty of time to throw together some of these super easy custom pillows for Christmas, for yourself or as a gift! Or you can use this idea any time, for any season, just by selecting a different pattern.






























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The ULTIMATE Gift Guide for DIY types

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DIY Enthusiasts from TheRefurbishedHome.com




It's that time of year again, The Season of Giving. I absolutely love giving gifts. I adore the feeling of finding something and knowing that it will be the pefect gift for someone I love. There's only one problem, not everyone is easy to buy for. So I am here to give you the ULTIMATE Gift Guide for the DIY fanatic in your life. With prices ranging from $10-$200, you are sure to find something perfect!








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