Looking for something fun to do?  Here is a list of the great DIY projects we have posted, complete with step-by-step instructions.


Repurposed Wine Bottle Fence

Create a one of a kind decorative fence with recycled wine bottles.

 Wow, what a week! After being on vacation for a week, it feels really good to get back to work. Is it weird that I feel that way? I absolutely LOVED our vacation, wandering the Traverse Bay area in Northern Michigan, but sometimes it also feels really good to come home and get back into the regular routine. Of course it helps a lot that I love what I do. :-)  

So anyway, lets’ get to it… I have probably mentioned before that our house was built in 1940. New homes are wonderful and gorgeous, but I have always felt that older homes have so much more character.






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DIY Rustic Exterior Gallery Wall

This rustic exterior gallery wall was made almost entirely from DIY projects!




It’s finally time to share the full Exterior Gallery Wall! I am so excited to show you how it all came together.












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DIY Beer Bottle Vase

Create this simple pallet wood and beer bottle vase in just a few easy steps!




It’s finally time to share the last project on my exterior gallery wall.












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Vintage Flower Printables

Exterior Gallery Wall Vintage Flower Printables (printables from A Piece of Rainbow)




I like to think I am a pretty creative person, but I am not artistic at all. I frequently find fantastic printables on Pinterest, and I think one of the reasons they catch my eye is due to the simple fact that I know I couldn't create them myself. These vintage flower printables from A Piece of Rainbow are most certainly among my favorites, and I immediately knew that I wanted to use them to add color to my exterior gallery wall.








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