Dear February- An open letter to the Month of February


 Dear February,

I don't know if we can be friends anymore. I know this is the part where I should probably say something cliche about how it's not you, it's me... but I can't lie to you like that.  It's you, it's all you. You come along, and bring all the agony of more winter, but with none of the promise or hope for warmth and sunshine that comes with March.


2015-02-14 12.28.29 2



Sure you are sometimes beautiful, but looks are not all that matters. You make me become a terrible version of myself. When I am with you, I feel the anxiety and frustration that comes with feeling couped up, or even trapped.








2015-02-14 12.27.10 2



I begin to dislike my surroundings and eventually it grows into a sense of loathing. I find myself picking apart my home, wanting to change everything, wanting to remodel, or give away all of our belongings and start over.








2015-02-14 12.26.50 2



Then, when Spring comes along and I can open the windows and bask in the fresh air, the animosity passes.  I can feel the warmth and color returning to my world, and I know that it's not me, or my home, it's you February.  








2015-02-14 12.23.52 2



So I will sit tight for the next two weeks, trying to avoid making any major decisions or renovations, while waiting for us to part ways.









2015-02-14 12.20.27 2



Please, February, don't make this any harder than it has to be, just pack up your things and be on your way.

I wish you the best,



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