Happy Easter

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I absolutely love crocus. As the first colorful flower to appear after every long cold winter, they make me feel a renewed sense of energy and hope whenever I see them.








This is the part where I have to admit to you that I can be a bit of a sap. When I saw these, the first two crocus to emerge at the edge of my yard, growing through the wreckage left behind by a hard winter and to many snow plows, I was moved by the image of them huddled together through the storm.

I don't generally breech the subject of faith here on The Refurbished Home, but I am a Christian and Easter is a very powerful holiday. Whether your love and support comes in the form of God, or family, or friends, or hopefully even all of the above, I hope that when you have to weather the storms of life, you know that You are not Alone. 


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