How to Age and Antique Paper and an End Table Makeover

How to Age and Antique Paper from The Refurbished Home



With the warmer temperatures comes the return of spray painting weather, and I couldn't be more excited about it. I know many people are in love with using chalk paint on furniture, but I prefer spray paint. The only down side is that because I live in Michigan, I end up with 4 months or so when it is simply too cold. 









sheet music table2




So now that it is warm enough again, I was ready to give these two end tables a makeover.













sheet music table1




Aside from the fact that they were dull and lifeless, the laminate finish was in bad shape and really pitted. I could have easily filled it and painted over, or removed the laminate all together, but I had something else in mind. 











sheet music table6




I had some sheet music blown up to an engineering print, but crisp white was not the look I was aiming for. So it was time to do some aging.












sheet music table3




Here's what you need:

* Tea Bag

* Mug

* Instant Coffee Grounds

* Small Bowl

* Water







sheet music table4




Begin by brewing the tea bag into about  1/2C of hot water. (If you are doing a lot of paper you may need more, just keep the same tea bag to water ratio). Allow it to cool then remove the tea bag and squeeze it out into the mug.











sheet music table5




Add 1 tsp of the coffee grounds to the small bowl, then mix with about 1 Tbsp of hot water. Allow to cool.













sheet music table7




Pour a small amount of the tea onto your paper, and use a foam paintbrush to spread it. Make sure to cover the entire paper.













sheet music table8




You want the paper to be thoroughly wet, but not soaking wet.













sheet music table9




Then take your instant coffee mixture and dab your finger into it.













sheet music table10





Get creative. You can flick your finger to create some small dots.












sheet music table12




You can dab a somewhat larger spot.













sheet music table13




The important thing is that whatever you do should be rubbed out. The wetness from the tea will make it very easy to gently spread the coffee spots in order to create a natural looking dark spot.











sheet music table14




Don't go overboard or it will not look natural. When you are looking at the wet paper it is easy to convince yourself that it needs more, but remember that if you don't like the end result it is easy to do it all again and add more but you can't take the staining away.










sheet music table15




When you are satusfied, simply allow it to dry. These took 4 hours to dry but obviously humidity etc can make a big difference.












sheet music table16




Once they are dry the darker spots you created will be more noticable.













sheet music table17




And the overall look should be very natural.













sheet music table20




I had already painted the tables black so now I just needed a little bit of mod podge to adhere the aged sheet music to my table tops.













End Table Makeover from The Refurbished Home




And some distressing with sandpaper.













sheet music table21




It has been raining and cloudy since I finished them so I can't get a decent after picture yet, but I will once I can find some reasonable lighting. :-)










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