How to Decorate Drawers

How to Decorate Drawers from The Refurbished Home




Last week I showed you the nightstands that recently got a makeover. My favorite detail was the fun striped drawers that provided an unexpected pop of color. Now I want to show you how you can do the same.










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nightstand makeover4




I mentioned in the original makeover post that these tables are not made of wood. The bottoms of these drawers were in pretty bad shape so I tried to paint over them, but because it isn't really wood it was soaking up paint like a sponge. I have always loved the refurbished furniture projects that feature a fun and unexpected decoration in the drawers, and this was the perfect excuse to give it a try.








covered drawer1 1




For this project you will need:

* Decorative paper (I chose this fun stripe!)

Mod Podge  

* Paint Brush

* Something like a gift card to smooth the paper








covered drawer2




Line the paper up to the front edge of the drawer.













covered drawer3




Measure to the back edge. Then cut the paper to the correct length.













covered drawer4




Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the outside edge of the drawer.













covered drawer5




Line up the edge of the paper with the bottom edge of the drawer, and carefully smooth the paper thoroughly.













covered drawer6




Then apply more Mod Podge to the top lip and the inside of the side panel.













covered drawer7




Slowly and carefully wrap the paper over the edge, smoothing as you go.













covered drawer8




When it is roughly in place, begin smoothing with whatever gift card type thing you picked. Press down into the corner, a little at a time, 












covered drawer9




until you have created a nice crisp corner.













covered drawer10




This next step could be different for you depending on the size of the drawer and the size of the paper, but for my drawers I needed to cut it off at this edge, so I used an X-acto knife.


Repeat these steps on the other side and allow it to dry.









covered drawer12




Once the Mod Podge has dried, sand the bottom edge of the drawer to make the paper fit perfectly.













covered drawer13




If there is any over hanging paper, you can also trim it off easily by sanding this edge.













covered drawer11




Measure and cut another piece to fit the bottom of the drawer. Make sure you are smarter than me and line up the pattern the way you want BEFORE you cut it to size. :-) Then Mod Podge it into place too.











covered drawer14




Once everything is dry, apply another coat of Mod Podge over the top of all the paper. For the best durability you may want to do another top coat after the first has dried.












nightstand makeover4




There you have it, a fabulous way to add color to your next furniture make over!













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