My FAVORITE Way to Make a Sign

My Favorite Way to Make a Painted Sign




When it comes to sign making, we DIY types all seem to have our own favorite method. Some use stencils, some use chalk on the back of their paper. I've never been good with stencils, and I always manage to make a big mess with the chalk or accidently wipe off the outlines. So now I would like to share my favorite method to make a sign.








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paint a sign1




This is one of my favorite "tools of the trade". Ever since I started using carbon paper I have found a ton of uses for it. Sign making is one of those uses. You can find carbon paper in most office supply and craft stores, or Here on Amazon. The price can vary pretty dramtically based on the intended use of the carbon paper, but you don't need anything special so don't hesitate to choose the cheapest.  :-)







paint a sign8




Start by choosing and preparing your wood. I am going to be making multiple signs so I have a few pieces that I covered with a thin coat of spray paint and lightly sanded to distress.












paint a sign2




To make a sign, simply create the image and print it out. Then lay it out where you want it.













paint a sign3





Then tape it in place, but only tape the top edge.












paint a sign4




This is what a sheet of the carbon paper looks like.













paint a sign5




Slide it under the image with the black side down. (you can resuse the same piece of carbon paper several times)













paint a sign6





Using a ball point pen, trace the image, it doesn't need to be perfect. (Trace just inside of the letter rather than around the letter, I just couldn't get that to show up in the photo.)











paint a sign7




When you lift the paper, a carbon copy of what you traced will remain on the wood.













paint a sign9




Once you have traced the full image, use the lines as a guide to hand paint the sign. The black lines will not wipe away, so paint over them as well. 












paint a sign10




When you have painted the entire sign 













paint a sign11





you can either leave it and call it done,












paint a sign12




or you can lightly sand over the image













paint a sign13




to create an aged and distress feel.













paint a sign14




I can't show you the full sign right now because it is part of a larger project that I am working on, so consider this a teaser until next week. :-)












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