How to Build A Skateboard Swing

How To Build An Awesome Skateboard Swing!



 My son spends nearly every moment outside. I am old-school enough to think that is the best possible way for a 5 year old boy to spend his time. I absolutely love when he comes in for dinner and is so exhausted from a long day of playing, that he can hardly make it through his meal. We are also lucky enough to be surrounded by like-minded families whose children also spend their free time roaming the neighborhood and the surrounding woods. While they certainly do not need help from us when it comes to finding ways to entertain themselves, we love to do it none-the-less.





skateboard swing18




Our latest project was creating this skateboard swing, and let me tell you, it is a winner!













skateboard swing1




It was very easy to make, here's what you will need:

* A Skateboard Deck

* Rope (with a high enough weight rating)

* Eyebolts or Hooks (also with a high enough weight rating)

* Round Dowel (1&1/2" diameter- 2ft long)

* Drill

* Drill bit slightly larger then your rope






skateboard swing2





Cut your dowel into two even halves.












skateboard swing3




Then drill a hole about an inch and a half in from the edge of each side of each dowel.













skateboard swing4




Drill holes roughly in the 4 corners of the skatebord deck as well, making sure to stay far enough from the edge so that it will still be strong enough to support weight.












skateboard swing6




Measure the approximate length of rope you will need. Add about a foot to account for knotting, and double the distance.













skateboard swing7




Run the rope through both of the back holes with the center of the rope under the center of the board, then do the same for the front holes.












skateboard swing8




Have your swing's primary occupant stand on the board and hold their hands in approximately the right place for the handles, mark where they need to be. (We made our handles a bit higher because all the neighborhood kids are bigger than our son. )










skateboard swing9




Make a knot immediately below and above the handles so that they will stay in place.













skateboard swing10




Drill holes













skateboard swing11




and screw in the hooks.













skateboard swing13




We spaced ours in basically the same width













skateboard swing12




and length as the skateboard itself.













skateboard swing14




We couldn't decide exactly how high the skateboard should sit so we asked him to climb on, and that's how we discovered that it was a bit too high. :-)












skateboard swing15





We tied up the excess rope just in case we need to change something. In a few days we will go ahead and cut off the extra.












skateboard swing16




When we were pretty sure it was all ready to go, Dad had to give it a try "just to make sure it was safe".













skateboard swing17




And finally the little got to try out his newest toy!













skateboard swing18




He loves it!













skateboard swing19




Now I just have to get him to come in for dinner...  :-)


*Most (if not all) skateboards are laminated so they will not hold up to rain well. I highly recommend several coats of an exterior polyurethane to protect it from the elements, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.




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