5 Tips for Better Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting is a pretty simple concept, but these 5 great tips will help ensure your experience is a bit more successful than mine was. www.TheRefurbishedHome.com






How do you measure the success of a kid’s art project? The actual end result of this activity was nothing like I has pictured in my head, but does it really matter? We had several hours of fun in the process so I am pretty sure that it was a success no matter what, but as an added bonus, I also learned a ton so that you can do better with the actual “art”.









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A Very Happy Lego Birthday Party

Get all the details for a fantastic Lego Birthday Party! from www.TheRefurbishedHome.com





A few months ago my son turned 6, and as so many kids do at that age, he chose a Lego birthday party.  I am one of those moms, and I tend to go a little overboard in the birthday party department. He is my only child and his birthday is in the middle of winter when there really isn’t much else going on, so I really get into it. (Though my dear friend totally showed me up recently with her son’s glow-in-the-dark Star Wars theme party. It’s okay, I still like her though. J) Anyhow, with so many fun projects going on around here, it took me awhile, but I finally have time to show you the party. Just ignore the snow outside the windows!





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End of School Countdown

Count down the days til summer with this fun and unique stack of books countdown! www.TheRefurbishedHome.com




Are you starting to look forward to summer break? How about the kids? My son has been asking “how many more days of school?” since the end of spring break. For a while my answer was just “Ummm… a lot…” but finally I decided it would probably just be easier, (and more fun for him) if he had a countdown. 

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Sandpaper Artwork Transfer

Transfer your child's drawing to an article of clothing for an awesome one-of-a-kind creation they can wear proudly! www.TheRefurbishedHome.com



During spring break, my little man and I squeezed in as many fun crafty projects as we could, and this one was definitely his favorite. We originally started with the plan to make a t-shirt, but when we couldn’t find the right size shirt at the one and only store he was willing to visit, we ended up selecting an apron instead. I’m glad we did because with me as his mom, he really should have an apron for projects. J



















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