15 Family Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

Family Friendly April Fools Day Pranks- Pranks to play on the Kids 





April Fool’s Day is nearly upon us. I am a total failure when it comes to playing practical jokes. What can I say? My amazing sense of humor simply does not translate well into the realm of pranks. This year, however, I am prepared! Now you can be too, with our list of 15 Family Friendly April Fool’s Day Jokes.









April Fools frozen cereal




1. The night before, fill a bowl halfway with water and freeze it. Then in the morning top it off with just enough cereal and milk to disguise it. Sit back and laugh as your child try to get the spoon into the cereal bowl.

 *Best not to use a clear bowl ;-)










 2. Offer your kids a glass of "juice" that is actually jello, and watch as they try to drink it.

April Fools Chicken Pot Pie




3. You are sure to get a laugh from your family with these “Chicken Pot Pies” from Laurie on Food.com









4. If your children are heavy sleepers, switch them into one another’s beds while they sleep. The confusion when they wake up will be hysterical.


April Fools upside down




5. When your kids have gone to bed the night before, go through the house and turn as many things as possible upside-down.












6. Put a tiny bit of food coloring in the bottom of their cereal bowl. The milk will change colors as they eat it.

April fools fake ice




7. Plan ahead so that you have enough time to make these great April Fool’s Day Ice Cubes from Alpha Mom. She has a great way to let the kids play a trick on Dad.






8. When you pack their school lunch, include a few plastic bugs. They make some pretty realistic bug that are sure to get a squeal!


April Fools dyed water




9. Wipe a bit of gel food coloring into the faucet before they get up in the morning.












10. While the kids are asleep, sprinkle a little salt onto their toothbrushes.

April Fools Grilled Cheese




11. Your family will think you are crazy when you give them “grilled cheese” for dessert. Find out what it really is from Heather at The Spohr’s Are Multiplying.






12. Stuff a few tissues into the toes of your kid’s shoes. When they try to put them on, convince them that they grew overnight.

April Fools Googly Eyes




13. Stick Googly eyes to random things throughout the house.













14. Superglue coins to the ground outside, and enjoy the show as your family tries to pick them up.

April Fools Confetti




15. Balance a cup filled with confetti on top of the bathroom door so that someone will get a fun surprise the next time they need to go.

*This one was definitely our favorite, but be prepared to clean up one heck of a mess. :-)


I would love to hear your ideas too. Be sure to share your favorite family pranks in the comments below!




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