Heart Art- A Valentine's Project

Heart Art-A Kid Friendly Art Project

 This time of year it starts to feel like I live in a world that is entirely made up of shades of grey and brown. Sure, sometimes we get a fresh coat of white, but generally speaking things can seem a little drab. I think that may be the main reason why I enjoy decorating for Valentine's Day. It's a great excuse to add a little more color into my world while I try desperately to wait for Spring to come along.


 So I guess you could say that is the inspiration for this project. It gets even better though,  because not only do I get some colorful new "art" to hang on the wall, it was also a lot of fun for my family to spend time together while each making our own "masterpiece".

Here's what you need:

*Canvases (We used actual canvases but you can just as easily use poster board.)

*Painter's tape or masking tape

*X-acto knife


*Paint brushes





Begin by laying tape in roughly the shape that you want to use. Obviously for Valentine's Day, we went with hearts.












Roughly draw the shape over the tape so that you can make sure you have tape everywhere you need it.  Add more if needed.












Use your X-acto knife to cut the tape to the correct shape.  Keep in mind that there is no need for perfection here, this is just a fun project :-)











Carefully remove the extra tape,













leaving behind your shape.













Now the fun begins! 

My little guy's favorite color is pink, so it was no surprise when he reached for it first.










He was really embracing the use of lots of colors













Unfortunately for me that included brown.













I really wish I thought to hide the brown before we started :-)


Now I need you to pretend that you have not already seen the completed paintings, and you do not know what is coming next...










When the painting is complete (you do not need to wait for it to dry) peel off the remaining tape.












Ta-Da!  Like magic, right?  You totally did not see that coming!













Moving on... Patrick, really isn't the "colorful" type. He is all about natural earth tones. After he got started with this yellow he decided to start mixing his own colors, because they were all "too bright". He clearly missed my not-so-subtle comments about wanting them to be "colorful". :-)









Lucky for me, the paint dried brighter than he intended. Ready for another big reveal?












A-maz-ing right?













and here's mine.  I was going for a play on X's and O's but the heart does not, in fact, look like an O and the X doesn't stand out enough...  











at least it's pretty :-)








And our new collection of Heart Art looks so cute on the wall!




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