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To be perfectly honest with you, I never liked Jelly Beans. Sure I understood their appeal, they're inexpensive and adorable, but they taste awful. Or at least they did.










jelly beans

Then, years ago, companies started coming out with new ones, like the Starburst flavors, and they totally changed my opinion of jelly beans. Then Starburst had to make these new Tropical Fruit flavors... I seriously made myself sick eating half of this bowl last night!

Anyhow I just love the bright colors of these little buggers and I thought it would be fun to make a jelly bean bracelet as a play on the old style of candy jewelry. I had visions of making them for my son and all his friends, putting them in plastic eggs for a little surprise during the easter egg hunt. Like so many of my hair-brained ideas, it didn't exactly go as planned, but I'll get to that.







Jelly bean bracelet1

First, the instructions!

You will need:

* Jelly Beans

*.5mm stretch cord (found in jewelry making supply)

* Sewing needle with a big enough eye

* Scissors

* Thimble (optional)

The process is pretty easy, conceptually.

Cut a piece of the cord, at least a few inches longer than you want the bracelet or necklace to be.

Tie a knot about an inch or two from the end.




Jelly bean bracelet2




Thread the cord through the needle, and then push the needle through a jelly bean.













Jelly bean bracelet3





Then thread another.












Jelly bean bracelet4





And so on...












Jelly bean bracelet5





Once you have reached the desired length, tie the two ends together and you are done.


Sounds pretty simple, right?









Jelly bean bracelet6




But it's not. See, what I didn't think about is the fact that jelly beans are gooey. Like, REALLY gooey. Stabbing through them just means taking that gooey inside and spreading it around a bit. So before you know it the needle, the cord, your fingers, your table... everything... is covered in an icky, gooey, sticky mess. 









Jelly bean bracelet7




But it turned out so darn cute!...and he LOVES it! So now I can't decide if it is worth the hassle and mess to make more?? or if I should just eat the rest of the Jelly Beans and be done with it ;-)












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