Making Snowflake Window Clings with the Kids





 My little guy and I are big fans of those gooey window gel clings. We pick up a set for most Holidays and we have a great time with it.  As much as I love a good cheesy decoration, for me, the fun has always been in the fact that we were doing it together. So when I found out that we could make our own, I was pretty excited to try it out.







These have been stuck to our window since Christmas, but it was time for them to come down.  The sticky texture may be great for clinging to the window, but it also means that dust sticks to them like crazy, so they were getting pretty gross.   








 As you can see tell by the view outside that window, snowflakes are still a pretty appropriate decorating theme though.  Since the last set was pretty colorful, we decided to go with various shades of blue and white this time around.  Here's what you will need:

copies of simple snowflakes

Puffy Paint

Parchment Paper








I later decided to cut the parchement paper into smaller squares and I was glad I did.











From there it is really pretty simple.  Pick out a snowflake, place a square of parchment over it,











and trace the pattern with the color of your choice.












Not surprisingly,












I moved












a bit faster than he did












and yet, before I knew it, he had finished one.  I was a little concerned that his little hands wouldn't be able to squeeze hard enough to get the paint to come out in a stream rather than just short bursts, but I was pleasantly surprised, and he was elated.  










When I saw that he was using more than one color I felt pretty dumb,











and also inspired of course :-)












His second snowflake made me a bit nervous, but it actually looks fabulous on the window.  Just wait til you see it!











Since we had never tried this, we decided that 10 snowflakes was a good start and if it all worked out maybe we would make more later.  So we set them aside to dry. Mine were dry in about 4 hours. Some of his had a lot more paint so they took 5-7 hours to fully dry.










Once they were completely dry, I VERY GENTLY peeled them off of the parchment,











And stuck them to the window.


*The side that was not touching the paper is the side that you need to stick onto the window.









Okay, so the truth is, it was a bit more difficult than that. We have a very old house with very old single pane windows. They get really cold and that seems to have had a significant impact on these sticking. We do have a few windows that we have replaced over the years, and those worked much better.









Either way, if you have trouble getting them to stick, here is what I suggest.











After peeling the snowflake off of the paper, set it right back down onto the paper again.  Then pick up the whole piece and more or less, gently smack the whole thing onto the window.  The paper will prevent the snowflake from trying to stick to your hand, and you can then use it to semi-vigorously rub the snowflake. The rubbing will warm the snowflake a bit and help it to stick more easily.








All in all, we had a really good time making these and I am sure we will be doing it again soon.  I imagine there are some puffy paint hearts in our near future :-)

If you decide to try it, please comment with pictures of your artwork, we would love to see it!

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