Preschool Valentines



I came up with a totally original idea for my Pre-schooler's Valentine's Day exchange! Okay, that's not true... not even a little bit... in fact there is almost nothing about this "idea" that is original. The only reason I am sharing this at all is because it is kinda funny.







You have no doubt seen the cute Bouncy Ball ideas that are all over the internet. They all have cute sayings like "You make my heart Bounce" or "You make Valentine's Day a Ball". As the Mom of a pre-schooler, I am all about embracing the non-candy valentines, and as a pinterest junkie, I love finding an idea that is both easy and cute. So when I found this adorable printable from MyFrugalAdventures, (and got approval from aforementioned pre-schooler). I went for it. So what makes this "kinda funny" you ask. Well do you know where you can find the BEST bouncy balls?...Old Navy!




bouncy valentine1And there is nothing embarassing about walking into Old Navy with a bag full of quarters and no intentions of clothes shopping. 











bouncy valentine2He Loved this! He has literally asked Every. Single. Day. if we could please go back and get more.











bouncy valentine4Because clearly 20 Giant Bouncy Balls just isn't enough.












bouncy valentine3One of the reasons I liked this particular printable so much, is the amount of space provided for filling in names. Pre-schoolers have a tendancy to write everything VERY BIG!










bouncy valentine6And they turned out so cute!



So... are you heading to Old Navy soon?? :-)






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