Sick Day Science


I have seen this project floating around Pinterest for awhile now. My first thought every time I saw it was "That looks amazing", but my second thought has always been "but it will only occupy an active 5 year old boy for about 5 seconds". Unless....

Yesterday my son was really sick, so we kept him home from preschool and he spent the day on the couch. Today, he woke up and seemed only slightly better so he stayed home again. As the day progressed he gained energy and eventually started playing again. He was alternating between "I'm tired, I need to rest" and "I feel really good, I have lots of injury" (he often uses the injury when he means to say energy. I keep waiting for the day that CPS comes knocking for that one).  

ingredientsAnyhow it turns out that this is the perfect scenario to entertain him with something that might not ordinarily capture his attention for very long. Thankfully, this is the kind of kitchen science where you generally have everything you need on hand.  You will need:

*Milk (the more fat the better, strongly recommend whole milk)

* food coloring

*dish soap

*A shallow plate








Start by pouring a thin layer of milk into your plate.









food coloring




Then add a few drops of food coloring in random places all over the milk.









dish soap




The last step is to add a drop of the dish soap (or a couple drops in a few different spots).













Then just sit back and watch the magic!









not much red




I used a gel food coloring for the red, you may notice that the red is mostly missing from the swirling colors. The gel food coloring really just sort of stuck to the plate like glue.  Stick with the good old fashioned liquid food coloring.







2015-02-26 10.41.00




The colors will continue to swirl for awhile.









2015-02-26 10.41.15




And you can add more dish soap when it slows down.









2015-02-26 10.42.34




Eventually (as predicted) he grew tired of just sitting and watching.









2015-02-26 10.43.30




So he started helping it along by blowing on the milk.






Thanks for letting me share a little creativity!




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