St. Patrick's Day Wood Cuff Bracelets

St. Patrick's Day Wood Cuff Bracelets- Kid Craft



I woke up a few days ago with this great idea for another fun kid-friendly project. Of course it's never really as simple as that...

I knew I wanted to bend popsicle sticks and that the best way to do that would be by soaking them first. What I didn't realize was how long I would have to wait. I don't mind a project that takes time, as long as I am still working on it. Apparently just waiting, with nothing else to do, is not my strong suit.

After about 48 hours of soaking, they were finally ready!.. but I am getting ahead of myself.


soak sticksObvisously, the first step is to soak your popsicles sticks.

For this step you will need:

*craft /popsicle sticks (whatever size you want)

*a glass tall enough to hold them


*something to cover the top and hold the floating sticks down.

*patience :-)

*Something round to hold them while they dry (more on this later)

So, as I said, they will need to soak for about 48 hours before they will be ready to bend. A word of caution on this, when I say that they are ready to bend, you still have to bend them very slowly, and carefully. Soak more sticks than you need as you are likely to end up breaking some.






When you get a stick bent into shape, squeeze it into a cup that is about the right size for the wrist you intend to put it. We used a coffee cup for grown up sizes and a very small mason jar for the kids.

It will need to dry in this cup for another day or two depending on humidity and air flow.  I broke down and put mine in front of a heat vent to speed the process.












One last step before the fun part. There may be some rough spots so gently sand the bracelets.

















Time to Decorate!

You will need:

*Assorted Washi Tape


*Cotton Swabs

*Toothpicks (not pictured)

*Drill (optional, more on this later)

*String (optional, more on this later)









We started with the painted shamrocks so the paint would have time to dry.

















Use a cotton swab to make 3 (or 4 if you want  four-leaf clovers) dots.


 (I keep thinking this picture makes it look like he has 3 hands, I am holding it for him) 














Then use a toothpick and just a bit of paint to make the stem.

















Next comes the Washi Tape cuff. We found it much easier when I tore off a bunch of little pieces for him to use.

















Just apply the pieces one at a time, slightly overlapping, and fold the edges over to the bottom.


















He is just as neurotic as me and had to use a repeating pattern because random simply would not do. :-)
















Once the whole cuff is covered, apply another piece on the underside to hold it all together.

















His wrists are so tiny, these little cuffs would not stay on.



So I drilled two small holes into the ends of his, then added string.













I tied two tiny knots to hold it in place,

















and two more tiny knots to keep the string from unravelling.

















I left enough string to tie a bow so that it is very easy to remove.













St. Patrick's Day Wood Cuff Bracelet- Kid Craft




Here's the finished product!













St. Patrick's Day Wood Cuff Bracelet- Kid Craft




I just can't get over how cute they turned out.

I guess they were worth the wait :-)


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