How to Build A Skateboard Swing

How To Build An Awesome Skateboard Swing!



 My son spends nearly every moment outside. I am old-school enough to think that is the best possible way for a 5 year old boy to spend his time. I absolutely love when he comes in for dinner and is so exhausted from a long day of playing, that he can hardly make it through his meal. We are also lucky enough to be surrounded by like-minded families whose children also spend their free time roaming the neighborhood and the surrounding woods. While they certainly do not need help from us when it comes to finding ways to entertain themselves, we love to do it none-the-less.





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Tissue Paper Watercolor Painting

Tissue Paper Watercolor "Painting"- A Kid Friendly Art Project from The Refurbished Home




Have you ever heard of Bleeding Art Tissue Paper? I hadn't, but the other day I was wandering aimlessly around the craft store (because that's the kind of thing I do) and I found this interesting paper in the kid's art supply section.










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Homemade Suncatchers- With an Earth Day Twist

Homemade Suncatchers from The Refurbished Home




Earth Day is coming up next week, so I wanted to come up with a fun themed activity for my little and I to do together. I have also spent several months waiting for it to be warm enough outside to try the melted bead suncatcher idea I have seen on Pinterest. I decided this was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Wait, is it okay to use that expression when talking about Earth Day??







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Bean Plant Experiment

Kid's Science: Bean Plant Experiment from The Refurbished Home



My son is a huge fan of The Magic School Bus Series. Thanks to Netflix he has seen every episode 3 times. He can explain, in detail, every step of the water cycle and at 5 years old he is adorable when he says big words like condensation and evaporate. What I am trying to say is that he loves science. When it came time to start some plants for our vegetable garden, I thought he would enjoy seeing the whole process for himself.

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